Zolyx (Firebird Silver £1.99)

Zolyx (Firebird Silver £1.99)


Zolyx is a simple yet addictive arcade game with minimalist graphics. The objective is to fill at least 75% of the screen by creating rectangular blocks, whilst avoiding balls that are constantly racing around the screen. As you progress through the levels, more balls are introduced.

Blocks are created by moving around the screen, creating a line behind you then joining them up to create a rectangle. Once created, the rectangle becomes filled. Balls that travel around the perimeter of the screen can then begin to move around the filled areas as well, making the task even harder.

You begin on the very perimeter of the screen, and you need to move and create blocks quickly before the balls get you. You also have to complete a rectangle before any of the moving balls collide with the lines, else you also lose a life!


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