Willow Pattern (Firebird Super Silver/Firebird Silver £1.99)

Willow Pattern (Firebird Super Silver, Firebird Silver £1.99)


The player’s quest in Willow Pattern is to make their way through a complex oriental maze and find Princess Koong-Shee. Sword throwing Samurai Warriors will attempt to stop them, along with the Giants who guard the river crossings.

Items have to be collected along the way, including treasure and a key to the Princesses secret hiding place. Unfortunately, finding the Princess isn’t the end! The game then becomes a race against time as the Princesses father, Li Chi chases the player back through the maze. A secret boat is their only escape route!

The gameplay is a little odd, as the player spends a fair amount of time enticing Samurai to throw their swords, but staying far enough away so that the swords fall to the ground and don’t hit them. They can then pick the swords up and throw them at the Samurai of their choosing, vanquishing them on the spot and thus opening up new parts of the maze.


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