Whirligig (Firebird)

Whirligig (Firebird)


The back of the UK Whirligig box says:

The first ever game to use LIGHTSOURCE 3D - Maelstrom's revoluntionary system of shaded ultra-solid 3D graphics.

* An epic all-action game

* Lightning fast speeds of play

* Graphic techniques BEYOND the arcade

* 100 billion enemy ships to blast

* An awesome final objective to reach

... which just goes to show what a load of rubbish the box copy really was!


The UK Atari ST box for Whirligig was a large size crystal case which could accomodate both 3.5 inch disks and 5.25" floppies if required.

The game came supplied with a small instruction booklet.

Magazine adverts

No mention is made in the advert of the PC or 8-bit conversions that were either never finished (8-bit) or never released in the UK (PC).


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