Whirligig (Firebird)

Whirligig (Firebird)


Whirligig is a 16-bit arcade game featuring light-source shaded solid 3D objects. The game takes place in the ‘Whirligig’ which is a vast network of mini-universes (or Eigenspaces) linked together by Stargates, which are effectively black holes that only allow one-way travel.

The aim of the game is to locate five perfect solids (the Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron) and drag them through a stargate. When the player has captured all five then the game is won. Each perfect solid is located in a particular sector of ‘perfect space’ amongst the four billion possible Eigenspaces in the game! Thankfully the instructions show which perfect spaces contain which perfect solids, and when you enter a new space you are told how many stargates there are and the number of the space they take would take you to.

The player begins with twelve ships. Each ship has fuel, missiles and chaff pods. Depots can replenish any of these items if the player can find one using their ship's onboard scanner whilst exploring a sector of space.

Of course, other ships also inhabit the Whirligig, and so the player needs to defend the ship against attack whilst searching for the perfect solids by launching missiles of their own or releasing chaff to act as a decoy for incoming missiles from hostile ships.


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