Weird Dreams (Rainbird)

Weird Dreams (Rainbird)


Weird Dreams was always going to be an apt title for this game! The ‘weird’ subject matter certainly generated a fair amount of publicity, especially when it appeared on the UK ITV Saturday morning kid’s show Motor Mouth as an eight week phone-in competition. Any game that starts on a hospital operating table is bound to attract some controversy!

Weird Dreams is a collection of games, with each one set in a very abstract dream. They require precise positioning and timing to get through, starting off inside a candy-floss machine. The player has to escape from the machine, avoid giant wasps, defeat monsters in a desert armed only with a fish, avoid a lethal ballerina, survive killer roses, dangerous footballs and a very strange little girl (amongst other things!).

The story is found in the novella that comes with the game, written by Rupert Goodwins. The player's character - Steve - has fallen in love with Emily, who is unfortunately possessed by a banished demon called Zelloripus.

Steve is tricked by Emily into taking some pills that make Steve susceptible to the demon, who begins to give Steve some extremely weird dreams. Eventually his health declines to the point where brain surgery is the only alternative left. It's kill or cure.


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  1. Gerry

    After having played the game on a friend’s Amiga I bought it for my Atari ST.

    It was really hard to play and I had to use the SOS-cheat using the [Help]-key to play through the game. I especially liked the pixalation effect which was shown while changing the scenes and my favorite enemy were the hungry football and the knife wielding girl.


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