Wednesday, 8th February 2012

Almost two years have passed since the last official update to this site. I’ve not exactly been idle, but the results of my hard labour have yet to bear fruit and people will have to wait a little while longer!

However, there’s still lots of TelecomSoft news to impart. Firstly, the UK magazine Retro Gamer has published two articles in the last year about Firebird and Rainbird respectively. Both articles were written by me. The Firebird Software article appeared in issue 88, published in February 2011, whilst Rainbird appeared in issue 99, which was published in January 2012. The magazine also published an article about the Making of both ‘Starglider’ games in issue 86.

The DVD documentary Get Lamp was released in late 2010, chronicling the rise and fall of text adventures. It includes a 10 second cameo by me which was filmed way back in early December 2006! You can find my brief flirtation with fame (it got me an entry into IMDB after all!) when the discussion turns to mapping adventures!

What else is new? The planned new and updated ‘Carrier Command’ game seems to be crawling to a release in Q2 of 2012. Don’t hold your breath though as it’s been in development for years! Visit for more details.

Shahid Ahmad is busy trying to create a new version of his classic Firebird budget title ‘Chimera’ for a modern audience. Check out when you can, although I think he needs to change the URL now! 😉

What else can I tell you? Frank Gasking’s brilliant Games That Weren’t 64 web site has unearthed the unpublished Commodore 64 conversion of ‘Runestone’ so please visit here to learn more!

You might have noticed that all these little snippets of TelecomSoft related news are really a diversion from the fact that there are no actual updates on this site since sometime in 2010. There will be soon-ish, honest! Oh, and this web site’s 10th anniversary is coming up in 3 months time!