Wednesday, 24th February 2010

A number of events to report on this time around relating to TelecomSoft’s legacy to the computer games industry.

Firstly, a modern conversion of Rick Dangerous is now available for the Apple iPhone, programmed by French developer Magic Team.

Issue 64 of Retro Gamer magazine in the UK featured an article written by yours truly all about Beyond Software. I have now updated the Beyond section of the site to include some of the new information that came to light.

The budget shoot ’em up Warhawk has had a DS ‘reboot’ although curiously this isn’t an official Nintendo commercial release but specifically aimed at those who can run homebrew.

The unofficial C64 conversion of The Wild Bunch has now been released by Jon Wells. Visit for more details.

New tributes this time include:

Firebird – Arkanoid (unpublished)
Silverbird – Back to the Future, Think!

Thanks to John Edwards we now have two extra issues (#2 and #5) of the Silverclub newsletter available to download as PDFs!

As ever, a reminder that I am always trying to get in contact with ex-developers and colleagues who worked for TelecomSoft in any capacity, so please get in touch!