Wednesday, 15th April 2009

It’s been another really busy period since the last update. However, a number of small amendments and additions have been made since then; most noticeably the removal of the ‘forums’ and the ‘blog’. A chronic under-use and a constant attack of dubious registrations and subsequent spam attacks put paid to the forum, and I simply didn’t have enough to say to justify a blog at the moment.

As usual I am still making contact with a number of former colleagues and developers in an effort to keep adding new content to the site. It’s difficult, because the longer it goes on the less people can remember!

A number of other tributes have now had ‘video’ links added to them, showing videos of the games as available via YouTube. Keep an eye out for the ‘video’ tab!

Anyway, onto the updates:

Rainbird – Fish!
Firebird – Dragon (unpublished)
Silverbird – BMX Kidz

A superb new remake of Realtime Games’ 3D Starstrike has recently been added, so please make sure you check it out!

Simon Owen’s Lenskey application which emulates the use of the Lenslok anti-piracy device has recently been updated twice to v1.2, so download it and discover the wonder that was Lenslok!

It looks like the long-wished-for follow-up to Carrier Command is finally happening after all. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is coming from Bohemia Interactive and Idea Games in 2010. Visit for more details!