Following is a list of memorabilia, games and other related TelecomSoft materials that I’m currently looking out for.

If you have access to any of the following, or have anything else that isn’t in the list and isn’t covered elsewhere on the site, please get in touch.


  • Rainbird badges (for Dick Special, Time & Magik, Jinxter & The Guild of Thieves)
  • TelecomSoft carrier bags (Rainbird, Firebird, Firebird Silver budget range)

TelecomSoft - Plastic carrier bags

Unfinished ‘lost’ titles

Any of the titles listed as ‘Lost’ for Firebird, Rainbird or Silverbird, but especially the 16-bit titles:

  • Blazing Barrels (Atari ST)
  • Broadsword (Atari ST)
  • Dick Special (Commodore Amiga)
  • Dragon (Atari ST)
  • Lasers and Labyrinths (Atari ST)

As I type the above list, I realise how I wish I’d kept copies of those disks when I had access to them when I was working at TelecomSoft all those years ago! 🙁

Published Software

  • The Jewels of Darkness (Apple II)*
  • The Jewels of Darkness (Apple Macintosh)*
  • Silicon Dreams (Apple Macintosh)*
  • The Guild of Thieves (Apple II)*
  • Fish! (Apple Macintosh)*
  • UMS (Apple IIGS)*

*Preferably emulated disk images that can be used in an emulator


  • High quality scans of US specific Rainbird or Firebird packaging (e.g. Black Lamp, Corruption, Carrier Command, Enlightenment (Druid 2), Space Cutter, Virus, Carrier Command, Starglider 2)
  • High quality scans of US specific Firebird budget release packaging (e.g. Super Silvedisk releases (2 games in 1 pack), Two Game Disk range (C64 budget titles))
  • High quality scans of US only release packaging (e.g. Escape, Fantastic Animals, I Damiano, Road Rally USA, MROA: Mach 2, Sherlock Holmes, The Cave of Time)


  • Bulletin 1000 (PAL) videos featuring TelecomSoft titles


Any issues of Computer Trade Weekly from late 1984 – 1989 that include articles etc. on TelecomSoft.


I’m particularly keen to contact CTW’s photographer who took a group photo in the TelecomSoft meeting room just after the intention to sell the business had been made. The photo wasn’t used in the end, but it would be terrific to see it!


It’s always great and very useful to hear from anyone who used to work for TelecomSoft, but I’d be especially pleased to hear from:

  • Tom Watson
  • Tim Roberts
  • Paul Hibbard
  • Sarah James
  • Clair Edgeley
  • … and anyone from the US operation!

Scans or photos?

If items are flat then scans are preferable, at 300dpi or above.

Digital photos are great, but it would be very helpful if the items are photographed against a plain background and flashes are used sparingly!