Virus (Firebird)

Virus (Firebird)


The back of the UK Virus box says:

David Braben, co-author of the best-selling mega-game Elite has created another masterpiece - Virus.

This lightning fast shoot-out takes place over a startling three dimensional landscape which undulates below as you pilot your heavily-armed Hoverplane, skimming across the surface on a death defying mission. Invading alien Seeders, Drones and Mutants are attacking the planet, polluting the surface with a creeping, poisonous red virus.

Your mission: To halt this rapidly spreading virus before the land is defoliated.

Throw the full might of your Hoverplane's powerful laser cannon and homing missiles against a variety of marauding spacecraft, each with its own deadly strategy.

This truly innovative piece of game: software incorporates the following features:-

Unique three dimensional solid graphics

Superfast smooth scrolling multi-directional movement

Incredible light-source projected shadow effect

Highly sensitive and responsive control system

Realistic contoured patchwork landscape

... and don't forget to watch out for the legendary sea monster...!

The US box was the usual taller, slimmer, glossy cardboard style packaging with a much more garish and abstract artwork. As with a number of other games, Virus was published under the Rainbird label in the US rather than Firebird. Thanks to Exotica for the US box scan.


In Europe, Virus was released in a clear plastic crystal case with a simple sleeve inlay (as shown). Inside this box was a single disk, and an instructions booklet.

Magazine adverts

The advert for Virus doesn't mention any versions other than in reference to the Atari ST screenshots.


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