Viking Raiders (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Viking Raiders (Firebird Silver £2.50)


Viking Raiders is a turn-based war game. The graphics are very simple, with UDGs (User Defined Graphics) being employed to represent the various ‘sides’ in the game – Wotan the Wicked, Odin the Odious, Brunhilda the Bold, and Egbert the Execrable.

It's interesting to note that the names are based on Viking mythology and history, although they are a little muddled at times! For example, whilst we have two different characters called Odin and Wotan, Wotan was actually the German name for Odin, whilst Brunhild (minus the 'a') was leader of the Valyrie warrior maidens. Meanwhile, Egbert of Wessex was an actual historical figure, who was made 'King of Northumbria' by the Vikings in 867 A.D.

The game is played entirely through the keyboard. Up to four players can play, with any combination of human or computer controlled armies allowed.

Each 'turn' allows the player(s) to move their army, their boats and their catapults. If they are in range of an enemy, then they can also fire their catapult, choosing the direction and distance. Lastly, the player is given a chance to buy items with any gold they have left, before the next player has their turn.


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  1. Grunaki

    I absolutely adored this game, and still do! It’s an amazing use of so little memory, fitting such a fun and many-faceted strategy game into such a simple program.. I used to love having 4-player games of this with my friends from school.. Most amusing and chaotic were the drunks, who would sometimes randomly fly across the map, attack an enemy castle and defeat it.


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