UMS (Rainbird)

UMS (Rainbird)


The back of the UK UMS box says:

The Universal Military Simulator is the most sophisticated Battle Strategy software you'll ever have used. From ancient battles of Classic History to the bloodiest Science Fiction fantasies, UMS lets you re-create them all with it's unique 3D graphics system.

The program comes complete with five pre-programmed historical battles; Gettysburg, Arbella, Hastings, Marston Moor and Waterloo, each with the high standard of accuracy and attention to detail which you demand from State-of-the-Art Strategy software, but that's not all...

You no longer have to settle for inferior graphics, or worse, no graphics at all. UMS depicts each battle on a unique 3D grid system, allowing you to view the battles from almost any angle you desire, from an overview of the whole battle, right in to examine an individual unit in it's immediate environment.

UMS is unique in another important respect. What would have happened if Napoleon and Wellington had changed sides? Or if King Harold had not come down from Senlac Hill? Would Robert E. Lee have succeeded against George Gordon Mead, if he'd used Alexander the Great's strategic genius.

Play UMS and you can enter a world of Battle Strategy you never dreamed possible.


UMS came in the traditional slim blue Rainbird box and came supplied with a User Instructions book, a Scenario Handbook, and a Map of the Battle of Gettysburg.


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