Tuesday, 22nd January 2008

No new tributes this month, although we do have mention of a newly discovered lost budget title for the Spectrum called Toria Ring.

However, what we do have are some great additional and very rare TelecomSoft supporting materials:

– New photos
– A previously lost example of TelecomSoft News
– Some new memorabilia
– A collection of official TelecomSoft press releases that have been added to relevant existing Tribute pages (including Carrier Command, Return to Genesis, Samurai Warrior and Starglider 2).

We also have the first of (hopefully) many video recordings of TelecomSoft games via the Rainbird Rich You Tube channel! First title to get some footage is Elite, so keep your eyes peeled for the new ‘video’ tab on tribute pages in the future!

Thanks go to Martin Defries and especially Debbie Sillitoe for most of the new material!