Trade Articles

Telecomsoft was regularly featured in the Trade press, particularly Computer Trade Weekly (CTW) which was the main publication throughout the 80s.

CTW – Unknown date (1988/89)

Computer Trade Weekly -

The headline for this article is a little misleading, as the actual story really covered the decision by TelecomSoft not to develop for the planned Konix console (a smart move as it turns out, as the Konix console failed to appear in the end!), and a possible move to develop for NEC’s PC Engine console instead.

CTW – Monday February 20th 1989

Computer Trade Weekly -

This article was published just before BT officially announced that TelecomSoft was up for sale. It covered a wide range of rumours and recent stories involving the company, including recent departures, possible future directions and the female to male staff ratios!

Handling the truth

Please keep in mind that the Trade Press didn’t always get things right, so the information you find in these trade cuttings aren’t necessarily 100% true or accurate. Often they are simply a snapshot of the rumours and opinions that existed at the time they were published.

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