Thursday, 4th January 2007

Happy New year and welcome to the new look Bird Sanctuary!

My recent plea for help in redesigning the entire site was answered by Craig Grannell. Amongst other things, Craig writes the Website Makeover section for Future Publishing’s Practical Web Design magazine.

There are too many changes to mention here, but the biggest improvement is with the navigation which is now consistent and available across all of the sections.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to re-write some of the code that makes the site work behind-the-scenes. All images are now displayed in a different way, thanks to Lokesh Dhakar’s ‘Lightbox’ javascript and CSS.

I mentioned the excellent Thrust Extreme remake last time, so I’ve decided to add a Remakes section to the site to feature some of the superb modern-day remakes that are out there.

One thing regular visitors will notice is that screenshots are now shown to the right side of the information page for released games, rather than having a page of their own. Other information will also be shown in the right column of all pages, like the random info about TelecomSoft you can see from this very page. Adverts are now shown on the right within the packaging page.

There are no new tributes for this update, mostly due to the time it has taken to implement the new design. However, as always there are a few in the pipeline but with the recent arrival of our first baby it might be a while before I get time to add them!