Thursday, 29th May 2008

May is always an anniversary of some kind for The Bird Sanctuary or TelecomSoft. It’s now an unbelievable 20 years since I started working for the company, it’s 19 years since Firebird and Rainbird were sold by BT and it’s 6 years since this website first went live!

It’s a few small updates this time around, expanding the memories of a long-since ‘lost’ Rainbird RPG and adding some excellent artwork to the story behind another Rainbird title:

Rainbird – Broadsword (unreleased), Weird Dreams

The Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles website has recently moved to a new server and a new address. Have a look at when you can.

Other TelecomSoft-related news includes word of an unofficial C64 conversion of The Wild Bunch might be on its way, almost 24 years after the original was released for the Spectrum.