Pawn, The (Rainbird)

The Pawn (Rainbird)


The copy on the back of The Pawn box says:

Man-years in the making, 'The Pawn' is already acknowledged a classic.

Set in the mythical world of Kerovnia, this amusing and complex tale is subtle enough to appeal to the beginner and hardened adventurer alike. A revolutionary text-handling system allows input of complicated sentences and complete interaction with characters (including some very intelligent animals!). The Pawn represents all its characters and objects as if they existed in a real world, storing complex information about their attributes and properties linked to their particular position or context in the game.

Your objectives are manyfold. The simplest is to escape from Kerovnia, but you will find others as you wander about the land and communicate with the characters you meet. The Pawn combines a rich text adventure, with stunning colour graphics, and a language parser that will set the standard for years to come.

Adventurers will find The Pawn a delight QL WORLD

The Pawn is a staggeringly clever adventurer Popular Computing Weekly

Long live King Erik and The Pawn SINCLAIR USER

If you enjoy adventures in the classic tradition prepare yourself to meet a new master. Watch out for future releases from Magnetic Scrolls and Rainbird.


The Pawn was one of the first Rainbird titles published.

It came in what became known as the traditional Rainbird blue box. Inside the box was a Novella and Cypheric help manual, a machine dependent guide, a generic play guide, a poster of the box artwork and finally the disk(s) or cassette (but only for the Spectrum 128k! All other Magnetic Scrolls releases were strictly disk only).


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