Guild of Thieves, The (Rainbird)

The Guild of Thieves (Rainbird)


The Guild of Thieves was the second adventure from Magnetic Scrolls, after the success of their debut game The Pawn. As with its predecessor, Guild is an illustrated text entry adventure set in the fantasy land of Kerovnia.

The plot behind the game is uncomplicated - steal as many items of worth as you can from the island to satisfy the Guild that you deserve to become a fully paid-up card-carrying member. Of course, it isn't actually that simple to get a full score. Points are awarded for getting and depositing valuable items. The maximum score achievable is 501, but the player can finish the game with less.

Guild uses the same text adventure system employed in The Pawn. Using native 68000 code (which is emulated on non-68000 machines), the text parser allows for fairly complex commands, and the 16-bit illustrated versions give the player access to a series of extra drop-down menus - Files, Text, Specials, Goodies. These options allow the player to save their progress, restore, turn graphics on or off, etc.

All disc versions have pictures (with the exception of the Sinclair Spectrum +3 and the Apple II) and the 16-bit graphics are of a very high standard. Magnetic scrolls included drawn bitmaps, as opposed to scans (as employed by Level 9 for Knight Orc).

Guild was published on a wide range of formats - Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC, Commodore 64 (disk only), Amstrad CPC (disk only), Amstrad PCW, Sinclair Spectrum +3 (disk only), Apple II (disk only), Apple Macintosh, Atari XL/LE (disk only), Acorn Archimedes.

The C64 version involves a fair amount of disk swapping whenever pictures were loaded. Also, when the player revisited an illustrated location, a small reduced colour cameo of the illustration would be shown in the top right corner of the screen.

A follow up issue of What Burglar was available direct from Magnetic Scrolls. As far as I am aware, Rainbird weren't involved in sending these out to respondees.


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