TelecomSoft News

TelecomSoft News was a glossy, full-colour 8-page newsletter sent out to retailers and distributors to keep them informed about current and up-and-coming Firebird, Rainbird and Silverbird releases.

We currently have issues 04 and 06 from 1988 as examples, available to download as PDFs.

Issue 6 - produced for the PC Show in September 1988 - was the last issue, published just 5 months before the company was put up for sale.

A few things can be learned by looking through issue 6. The artwork for the 'lost' Silverbird game Classic Dogfight might have been recycled for the 'Biggles' re-release on the same label, unless the newsletter used the wrong image. It seems that two pieces of artwork - from the same artists - depicting a WWI dog fight were commissioned. One appeared in the newsletter for 'Classic Dogfight' and the other was used for the 'Biggles' re-release. You can also see that the Silverbird game 'Combat Crazy' was originally going to be called 'The Combat Game' and was supposed to be a full-price Firebird release.

By looking at both issues you can see that the 'lost' Rainbird game EPT changed names from 'EPT' to 'Frontier' (with S.T.A.R. briefly used in between!).

There is also mention of a mysterious game in issue 4. Toria Ring is listed as a Silverbird game for the Sinclair Spectrum, but nobody seems to know what it was! Do you? A Toria ring seems to be a particular design of wedding ring, but it sounds an odd title for a budget 8-bit computer game!

What do you think?