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Creating the original hand-coded versions of The Bird Sanctuary web site would have been much harder without the help, encouragement or contributions from the following groups of people (in no particular order):

Web expertise, code and advice

David Sparkes, Craig Grannell, Lee Fogarty, Lokesh Dhakar (for his ‘Lightbox’ javascript)

Ex-TelecomSoft staff and associates

Tony Rainbird, Dr Ederyn Williams, Leah Wright-Williams, Ricardo Pinto, Tony Beckwith, Colin Fuidge, Adrian Curry, Joe Bonar, Peter Moreland, Gary Sheinwald, Graeme Boxall, James Leavey, Joss Ellis, Debbie Sillitoe, Martin Defries, Dave Carlos, Terry Finnegan

Ex-TelecomSoft developers

Steve Turner, Jez San, Steven Dunn, Nick Pelling, John Jones-Steel, David Rowe, Ian Oliver, Colin Mongardi, Greg Duddle, Pete Lyon, Mike Lewis, Andy Swann, Ian Brandon, Steve Lacey, Michael Bywater, Ste Ruddy, David J. Broadhurst, Dene Carter, Andrew Bailey, Ross Harris, Shahid Ahmad, Jasdan B. Joerges, Tony Warriner, Jon Dean, Ian Wright, Bo Jangeborg, Gabor K. Kadas, Grant Harrison, Mev Dinc, Dave Perry, Nick Bruty, Chris Pink

Other helpful souls or sites

Rupert Goodwins, Steve Gilby (TZX Vault), Martin van der Heide (The World of Spectrum), Peter Verdi (The Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles), Dave Moore (The Stairway to Hell), Kim Lemon (Lemon 64), Sarah Dwyer (Special Reserve), Simon Owen (Lenskey), The Home of the Underdogs, Exotica, Malc Jennings (CPC Zone), Stephen Stuttard (a.k.a. Mort), Lee Theasby, Jon North, Frank Gasking (Games That Weren’t 64), Staiff (Deviant Art) for the cassette case template PSD used on this site

The WordPress community

The latest version of this site has been crafted using WordPress, and there are far too many users and developers of WordPress to thank for the wonderful plugins and advice that they offer users around the world. Thank you one and all! 🙂

… and last, but in no way least, thanks to my wife Siobhan for being so patient whilst I work on this website!

Helping out

If you think you can contribute information or images to the Bird Sanctuary, please get in contact. I am particularly interested in people who still own original boxed copies of TelecomSoft games, as there is barcode information on the packaging that might prove to be very useful to the site.

I’m also always looking for developers who worked on the games we published, so why not get in contact and help tell the story behind the game?

The Wanted section details specific items or images that are currently sought after for the Bird Sanctuary.