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All Terrain Gardener (ATG)


All Terrain Gardener (ATG) was a mad C64 platform caper where you played a gardener who had to dash around screens, rescuing plants and flowers before they drowned. A swarm of killer bees was going to thwart you (amongst other things), and all you had to protect yourself was a trowel. Read More

The History of Silverbird Software

A New Identity

Firebird started life as a budget range (Firebird Silver), and the budget range eventually evolved into the Firebird £1.99 Silver Range. Ultimately, the Firebird label – minus any ‘Gold’ or ‘Hot’ sub-labels – was destined for full-priced games, so a new identity for the budget range was needed. In keeping with the ‘bird’ theme, the new budget label was christened Silverbird, and was revealed to invited magazine journalists at a special lunch in the restaurant at the top of the Telecom Tower in central London in early 1988. Magazines were also sent a press release to confirm the change. Read More