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Firebird 'Legend' Logo 1988

The History of Firebird Software


Previously part of the Post Office, the Telecommunications giant British Telecom (BT) was due to be privatised in late 1984. Amidst the uncertainty, Dr Ederyn Williams – General Manager of Information Systems at BT – speculated where the telecoms business was heading. Read More

TelecomSoft Tales

Tales is a section which contains a number of small stories, anecdotes, quotes, etc. about TelecomSoft. They all originate from developers or staff who worked for Firebird, Rainbird or Silverbird. Some of these stories have appeared on other web sites, or were published in the contemporary magazines of the day, whilst the remainder have been previously unpublished.

James Leavey talks about The Beano…

I remember taking the DC Thomson editors of The Beano and another comic (The Victor?) in Kensington and after a boozy lunch with this pair of Scottish ravers we agreed it would be a great idea for Firebird to join up with DC Thomson and launch a new game based on characters from the DC Thomson comic portfolio, such as Dennis the Menace. Unfortunately this idea was scotched back at the range…

Dave ‘Ubik’ Korn talks about visits to the pub…

Firebird Software (TelecomSoft) was the main firm I worked for in those days, and it was a great place! Every time I went there to show them the latest progress with whatever project I was working on at the time, we all ended up getting riotously slaughtered in the pub across the road. One night me and Colin sneaked back into the Firebird office in the middle of the evening and rearranged the furniture, put all the desks on the chairs and the phones on the floor. Unfortunately Colin was late getting to work the next morning (owing to a hangover!) and the people who arrived before he got there to explain thought the place had been burgled until they realised nothing had been taken…!

Tim Follin talks about composing a tune for the Spectrum…

I remember composing Black Lamp overnight. I had to have it finished for the following day. I took my work equipment home because I’d sat at work all day staring at a blank screen. I only had the tune idea at about 10 ‘o clock in the evening, and sat up all night in my bedroom writing it. It sounds like it if you listen to it!

More tales?

Were you a developer working on a TelecomSoft title? Do you have any tales to tell? If so, then please get in contact.