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The History of Beyond Software

The EMAP Years

Terry Pratt was the original editor on EMAP’s pioneering Computer & Video Games magazine. In 1983, he persuaded EMAP Board members that they should set up a software publishing label, and so Beyond Software was born. Read More

The History of Silverbird Software

A New Identity

Firebird started life as a budget range (Firebird Silver), and the budget range eventually evolved into the Firebird £1.99 Silver Range. Ultimately, the Firebird label – minus any ‘Gold’ or ‘Hot’ sub-labels – was destined for full-priced games, so a new identity for the budget range was needed. In keeping with the ‘bird’ theme, the new budget label was christened Silverbird, and was revealed to invited magazine journalists at a special lunch in the restaurant at the top of the Telecom Tower in central London in early 1988. Magazines were also sent a press release to confirm the change. Read More

Firebird 'Legend' Logo 1988

The History of Firebird Software


Previously part of the Post Office, the Telecommunications giant British Telecom (BT) was due to be privatised in late 1984. Amidst the uncertainty, Dr Ederyn Williams – General Manager of Information Systems at BT – speculated where the telecoms business was heading. Read More