Sunday, 17th November 2013

Sadly, Mike Singleton (who worked on a number of titles for Beyond and then TelecomSoft) passed away from cancer in early October 2012. Games he was involved with included Star Trek: The Rebel Universe, Dark Sceptre and Whirligig.

The Bird Sanctuary was 11 years old back in May 2013.

To mark this milestone (okay – it was meant to mark the 10th anniversary in 2012 but life was tough last year!), every full-price Firebird release now has a tribute page. Memories will be added as and when in the future, giving specific information about the development of the relevant titles.

New updates with memories include:

Rainbird – Dick Special: The Search for Spook (unpublished), Broadsword (unpublished)
Firebird – Whirligig
Silverbird – I, of the Mask, Twinky Goes Hiking, GoGo the Ghost

There’s a new section in ‘TelecomSoft’ where you will find examples of trade articles related to the company (rather than magazines meant for the consumers). However, I need more old CTW mags (Computer Trade Weekly) so if anyone has old issues, please get in touch!

There are a large number of other tweaks and additions to the site, including the discovery of another edition of TelecomSoft news, this time from the 1988 PC Show. Thanks to Dan ‘Mad Max’ Marchant for that one!

The long awaited multi-player online Elite sequel is on it’s way! It’s been funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, and Elite: Dangerous sounds like it might be just what some of us have been waiting for. Click the link for more info!

A new conversion of Bubble Bobble for the Amstrad CPC has been produced, some 25 years after Firebird’s official one. Cesar Nicolas Gonzalez was disappointed with the original port, so has created his own! Visit his site here to find a downloadable version to run on an Amstrad CPC emulator.

Finally, I did spend some time over the last year or so investigating, installing and experimenting with a few different content management systems (CMS) to see if I could put this site into one. Sadly, I ended up frustrated and a bit despondent at how restrictive they were so in the end all that effort was ditched and I’ve stuck with my current set up (for now!). Lesson learned!