Starstrike II (Firebird Gold Edition/ Silverbird £2.99)

Starstrike II (Firebird Gold, Silverbird £2.99)


Starstrike II is, perhaps not surprisingly, the sequel to 3D Starstrike. Once again the game is a 3D shoot ’em up, with the player’s view from the cockpit of the latest version of the famous Starstrike fighter. However, this time the 3D world is portrayed in solid-shaded 3D.

Having defeated the Outsiders, the Earth Federation has decided to chase them back to their own solar systems and finish them off.

There are 22 planets in all, gathered around five stars. Each planet is one of three different types – industrial, military and agricultural – and each type has its own vulnerability.

A military planet must have its battle computer destroyed, an industrial planet is rendered useless by destroying its reactor and an agricultural world is thwarted by destroying the control system that runs the robot farming machinery.

Around some worlds are Space Wheels. The player must destroy each defence pod around the perimeter of the wheel and then proceed to dock. Once inside, there are other control units to destroy.

Every Outsider world has its own defence force-field. Only careful flying from the player will get them through these defences, squeezing past small openings in the field.

Orbital fighters will try to blast the starstrike fighter into atoms, so the player must engage them in combat frequently. Ground targets must also be destroyed, and flying down the ventilation duct will leave the fighter to its ultimate target. Having defeated one particular planet type, it's then onwards to the next one!


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