A.J. Remic wrote SPONGE (Silicon-based Prototype Oxygen Numerising Genetic Entity) in 1986, using Incentive Software’s GAC (Graphic Adventure Creator).

Andrey tried to sell the finished game to Firebird, but negotiations didn’t progress very far. Rather than waste it, the game became Moon Magic 2: SPONGE and was published by Psychadelic Hedgehog Software (PHS), and eventually given away by Crash Magazine in July 1991.

The original opening text of the adventure said Welcome to “SPONGE”. (C) 1986 by A. J. Remic. Published by Firebird Software.

You are a little droid called SPONGE (Silicon Powered Oxygen Numerised Genetic Experiment), and you are on board the star cruiser “Coseitan”. You are on your way back from “Oberon”. You have been there to obtain some precious moon crystals to sell to other planets. You are just docking at Venus, when it strikes you that you must pay the taxes to the federation. Your master gave you a lot of jewels to pay these taxes, but over the months you seem to have mislaid them. You will have to find them…

A.J. Remic

Now better known as Andy Remic, the author of SPONGE (and a number of other adventure games) is now a successful novellist with a string of military/sci-fi books to his name, including Warhead, Quake and Spiral.

Andy is also behind the Sinclair Spectrum documentary Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict that was successfully funded via Kickstarter.

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