Spartacus was one of Odin’s unfinished games for TelecomSoft. It was being coded on the Amstrad CPC by David Rowson, with graphics by Paul Salmon and music by Keith Tinman.

Firebird produced a slideshow demo on cassette for Amstrad Action’s sixteenth issue in early 1987 which featured a screenshot and some marketing blurb about Odin’s Spartacus game.

Spartacus - Amstrad CPC

The blurb says:

Feeling vicious, nasty and down-right despicable? Then you are prime material for a spot of gladitorial combat. There’s blood, guts, horror and lions. Yes, because this is ancient Rome, you’re Spartacus – and they’ve got it in for jolly old you.

Cut ‘n’ thrust your way through your adversaries. Slaughter or be slaughtered, there are no half measures. This game is definitely not for the faint-hearted and carries a Government Health Warning as it can seriously alter your personality.

So, if you are of weak character, do not – repeat – do not buy this game. Available soon from Odin Computer Graphics. £9.95 on cassette, £14.95 on disc.

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