Soldier of Fortune (Firebird)

Soldier of Fortune (Firebird)


Soldier of Fortune centres around a quest to locate and restore the Zodiac power source. The King’s ex-mage, Gorman, summons a small band of soldiers of fortune to recover the power source from the clutches of the evil mage, Krillys. This mage had managed to separate the elements contained within.

The releasing of these elements attracted an equally powerful but opposite force of magic. When these two powerful forces met in collision they destroyed each other, but in doing so turned the land into turmoil. It was thought that Krillys had perished during the collision until strange and unforeseen events began to happen to the mages who had created the Zodiac power source. Of these mages only Gorman and one other remained.

Before Gorman could finish telling his tale, he was swallowed up by the ground, along with Sarnak - one of the soldiers of fortune. Mustering what little magic he had left, Gorman was able to transport Sarnak out of danger. Alone and unprepared, Sarnak knew he had to somehow find and construct the Zodiac power source and defeat Krillys.

At its heart, Soldier of Fortune is a scrolling platform game with pixel perfect jumps, shooting, moving platforms, teleports, collectible items and shops to buy new weapons. It doesn't do anything particular unique on either the Spectrum or the C64, but it's a playable enough game with some decent graphics and challenging action. The most interesting aspect of the game is the marked differences between the Spectrum and the C64 versions. They feel like totally unrelated games masquerading under the same title...


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