Savage (Firebird)

Savage (Firebird)


Savage is an all action arcade game split across three very different stages, where the ultimate aim is to rescue some prisoners from captivity.

The first stage involves running through hordes of monsters, shooting anything that moves and collecting various pick-ups (energy, different weaopons, point bonuses) on the way to escaping from the castle. A series of mid-stage bosses have to be defeated before the player can break free.

The second stage sees the player flying over a landscape outside the castle, trying to avoid colliding with pillars whilst shooting various enemies including flying skulls and disembodied eyes! A pre-defined number of enemies will have to be destroyed before the player can progress to stage three.

The final stage sees the player transformed into a flying eagle. They have to fly through a dangerous maze, shooting anything and everything that moves and trying to survive long enough to find the final exit.

A password is given at the end of each stage, which allows the player to begin the next part with three lives rather than just one.


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