Samurai Warrior (Firebird)

Samurai Warrior (Firebird)


The copy on the back of the Samurai Warrior inlay says:

Konnichi Wa!

THE TIME: 17th Century
THE PLACE: Feudal Japan
THE CONFLICT: The land is rife with civil war as
the great warlords of Japan battle with each
other for control of the Shogunate, and control
of Japan itself.
THE HERO: Usagi Yo Jimbo is the warrior who must
oppose the dark forces, a lone Ronin Rabbit of
great skill and endurance.

SAMURAI WARRIOR is a game of combat, subtlety
and manners!

Develop your swordplay skills against deadly
Ninja fighters and crafty bandits.
Fend off surprise attacks form hidden killers.
Meet a host of colourful characters and
discover if they will help or oppose you.
Follow the way of BUSHIDO, the way of the
warrior, and be polite, otherwise you can lose
karma and make fierce enemies of potential
Roam far and wide over the exsquisite and
detailed graphic landscapes.



Samurai Warrior was released in a double-cassette crystal case and the larger 5.25" disc crystal case for the C64 disk version.

Magazine adverts

The original Samurai Warrior advert only mentioned the initial C64 release.


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