Samurai Warrior (Firebird)

Samurai Warrior (Firebird)


Set in feudal Japan during the 17th Century, Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yo Jimbo (to give its full title) is a sideways scrolling arcade beat ’em up based upon a cult comic book by Stan Sakai, featuring the Ronin Yusagi Yo Jimbo – a Samurai Rabbit.

The adventure scrolls from left to right with the player controlling Usagi Yo Jimbo, who only has his trusty samurai sword for companionship as he goes in search of his Lord and Master - Noriyuki - who has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Hijiki.

If the player feels the need, they can practice the art of swordsmanship on targets made from bundles of hay before they leave on their quest. Once they embark on the journey, the player will encounter a number of different characters as they walk through the Japanese countryside.

Without his sword drawn, Yo Jimbo will earn points for showing respect to others by bowing his head in greeting. Sometimes this will elicit useful information, sometimes it won't. Unfortunately, some Ninjas will disguise themselves as peasants or hide behind trees and will launch a surprise attack on the noble Samurai. Only then should his sword be drawn to defend himself.

At certain points in the game, Yo Jimbo will have a choice of which path to follow. He may also find food and maybe even some gambling to preoccupy his mind for a while.


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