Rick Dangerous (Firebird)

Rick Dangerous (Firebird)


Rick Dangerous is an arcade platform game set in the mid-1940s. The intrepid eponymous explorer is armed with three different weapons – dynamite, a gun and a stick that can temporarily paralyse people or be used to activate switches, etc.

Although the game is set during the period of WWII, no direct reference is made to the real historical enemy of that time. Instead, a generic foe simply referred to as 'the enemy' is the nemesis for our hero.

Rick Dangerous is a game that never lets up. Each screen is a new location, and at the start of each new level Rick is immediately put in danger!

South America - a giant boulder chases Rick from the left of the screen.
Egypt - darts shoot from the walls at Rick the moment he enters the tomb.
Europe - guard dogs charge at Rick.
Europe - guards shoot at Rick from a gun installation.

The game has a number of 'trigger' or 'reset' points. The next time the player loses a life, they are taken back to the most recent 'point' they reached so they can continue. The lack of a 'save game' facility made the game difficult to complete, but at least you don't have to return to the start of the entire level!

Rick Dangerous was published for Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and Sinclair Spectrum formats. All versions were coded by Core Design.


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