Revs (Firebird Gold Edition)/Revs Plus (Firebird)

Revs / Revs Plus (Firebird Gold)


Revs and the stand alone upgraded version (with more racing tracks) called Revs Plus are Formula 3 racing car simulators – a Ralt RT3 Toyota Novamotor – to be precise.

With a choice of two tracks in the original game and two from six in Revs Plus, you can then make some minor adjustments to the wing settings. You can also choose whether to get some practice in, or go straight into a proper competitive race with other computer-controlled cars.

Races have three different classes, and it includes a qualifying period which you can specify the length of. Multi-player races are possible, but each player takes a turn to enter the same race, and a points system is used to determine who the best driver is at the end.


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