There have been many remakes of some of TelecomSoft’s classic titles down the years. This section will try to cover as many of the good ones as it can.

None of the titles featured here are commercial, which just goes to show how much talent is out there and how much of an impression some of the games have had on people down the years.

3D Starstrike

This is a very slick-looking remake using ultra-modern solid 3D techniques as opposed to the 3D wire-frame used in the original Spectrum and Amstrad game. It looks very impressive and plays very nicely, although it does feel a little harder than I remember the original was, even in 'easy' mode!

Check it out by searching online. The original website is long gone.


Whilst the objective of this version of Cholo is the same as the original, the remake looks far slicker than the original black & white 3D wire-frame game upon which it is based. Loads of impressive graphical effects and a smooth, fast 3D system definitely makes this worth a play.

Previously you could download this superb remake of Cholo from Ovine by Design's own web page. Unfortunately, that page has now disappeared and I'm not sure if the files are hosted anywhere else.

Thrust Extreme

Based and inspired by the original Thrust budget game, this new version looks stunning. Written using Blitz basic, Wiebo had previously coded Thrust Deluxe back in 2001.

Download the release version of Thrust Extreme from Wiebo's blog.


An excellent, compact and very smart looking remake of The Sentinel. It's fast and great to play. It's a really nice modernisation and I much prefer Zenith over the commercial update that the PC and the Sony PlayStation got in The Sentinel Returns in the late 90's.

Download the latest version of Zenith from John Valentine's web site, but be aware that the game needs an additional installation (Creative's OpenAL - oalinst.exe) for it to run on a modern Windows OS.


The name of this remake is an amalgamation of Zarch and Virus, and first impressions aren't great as the initial menu screen is a tad underwhelming. Selecting Start takes you into the game proper and the 3D graphics immediately look very familiar, until it starts to rain... only then do you start to appreciate how much effort has gone into augmenting the 3D whilst keeping the look and feel of the original game.

However, it gets better because pressing a few function keys changes the 3D view to further away, and then you really start to see how a modern PC can expand the horizons of this game! The water also undulates and the whole thing just looks exactly as you'd imagine it would have had David Braben had that kind of processing power back in 1987/88.

Download v2 of Z-Virus from the following Blitz Basic web site.

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