Rasputin (Firebird Hot)

Rasputin (Firebird Hot, Firebird Silver £1.99)


The back of the Rasputin box says:

Your task is to guide Ivan Kosmovichiski, the Crusader, on his epic quest to destroy the Jewls of the Seven Planets - the power source of the evil Spirit of Rasputin which is threatening to cross time and destroy creation itself.

Armed with your magic sword and shield, you'll journey through the dark and dangerous netherworld of the Seven Planets in many dimensions. You must overcome evil Cyclopeds, do battle with viscious Cyber Rats, take on Psyonic Spheres of Power - and many other evil creatures.

By absorbing power from stones bearing the mark of Rasputin you'll replenish your magic power, but beware, for Rasputin's dark mind will appear in the form of a beast - which you must destroy.

Features HIBFLIX 1 Animation System

Of course, HIBFLIX 1 was made up partly from the surname of the programmer, Paul Hibbard!


Rasputin was one of the four launch titles for Firebird Hot released in square red cardboard boxes. Seeing how there is a Russian theme to the game, comng in a red square box seems ironically appropriate! The 128k version that was released later came in a twin-cassette sized red plastic box.

Rasputin - Spectrum 128k - Cassette

The game was also released on the budget Firebird Silver label, in a standard single cassette box with new artwork but  *only* for the Amstrad CPC version, which might not have ever got a full price release.

The back of the CPC budget £1.99 inlay says:

You must use all of your crusader's prowess to quell the Master of Disaster!

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