Rasputin (Firebird Hot)

Rasputin (Firebird Hot, Firebird Silver £1.99)


Rasputin is an isometric puzzle game. The plot behind it is a weird one! You must destroy the jewel of the seven planets which is the power source of the spirit of Rasputin. To reach the jewel you must neutralise the eight spells that have been cast in Rasputin’s name.

To neutralise the spells, you explore the isometric locations. Armed with a magic shield and magic sword, you protect yourself against the creatures of the netherworld who wander the planets and dimensions. To recharge your magical items you step on a stone with the mark of Rasputin. Step on all the stones in any one dimension and a creature appears from the dark side. Destroy it and it is transformed into a spell-stone with a rune of power.

The 'Eyes of Heaven' spell will protect you from Rasputin's eyes and allow you access to boxes that neutralise the eight spells. However, the colour of the dimension must match the spell. Step on the box to reverse the spell.


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