Quartz (Firebird)

Quartz (Firebird)


Quartz is a slick, colourful 16-bit shoot ’em up for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga with an unusual premise. The action is set within the lattice layers of a quartz crystal.

Piloting your ship, you use the lattice level to store powerups for the scrolling level that follows. These power ups include extra, armor, grenade, record, repair, amplify, pod, bomb, octogun and flame.

In the lattice level, you blast hadrons that release quarks. Blast these to release neutrinos, coloured yellow, red and blue. Collect these to build your powerups. You can store three powerups at once in your three pods, and can easily switch between them by pressing the function keys f1 - f3. You can also trash a powerup to release energy back into your ship's shields.


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