Pandora (Firebird)

Pandora (Firebird)


Pandora is a graphic adventure set on board a huge generation spaceship called Pandora. It carries a crew of people and androids, and has been designed to support life indefinitely whilst searching through unchartered space for alien life forms with an intelligence greater than man’s.

Running the ship is a 7th generation computer also called Pandora. The computer was intended to surpass the capabilties of all past, present or future computer designs. Unfortunely, a major component - the Bio-Rhythmic Stabilisers - was untested before the ship was launched, and any problems could lead to the computer becoming agressive.

Two hundred years after Pandora was launched, it has been spotted heading back to Earth. It's mission, crew and cargo status are unknown. What is going on inside Pandora?

The player takes the role of an Intergalactic Salvage Operator. Their mission is to board and investigate Pandora. Apart from discovering what's been going on, they should also find as many alien artefacts as they can so they can be returned to Earth for analysis.

The main screen is split into two sections - the Play Area and character status Display Panel. The player can move their character around the spaceship using a joystick and the spacebar, which is used to access the inventory. Objects can be picked up, swapped and dropped.


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