Oh No! (Silverbird £2.99)

Oh No! (Silverbird £2.99)


Oh No!  is a simple BUDGET arcade game for the Commodore 64 that requires you to defend your Oxen from aliens determined to steal them.

The action is quite frenetic, moving around the screen and trying to blast the aliens before they disappear with your Oxen buddies.

However, some aliens leave you extra oxen rather than steal some, whilst others duplicate, hyperspace you elsewhere on the screen or generally become a nuisance.

Unusually, your ship is invulnerable but collide with the aliens and you'll bounce all over the screen. One other handy feature is the boomerang weapon. Hold down the fire button and a boomerange flies out, bounces around then homes in on an alien for you.

Once a set number of Oxen have been taken away, it's game over.


2 thoughts on “Oh No! (Silverbird £2.99)

  1. Richard/TND

    Back in the 1990’s, I bought this budget game, along with a full price game (Street Fighter 2) and Hit Squad re-release of Badlands. I loved this game quite a lot due to its frantically fun game play. The title music is pretty atmospheric, and I was hooked to the game.


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