A number of TelecomSoft titles came with novellas. These were used to help set the scene for the game, and also to act as an anti-piracy measure.

Quite often the player would have to type in a word from a particular page and paragraph from the supplied novella before they could either enter or continue playing the game. Sometimes this would be from the manual rather than a novella, but the principle was the same. A few of the TelecomSoft games that came with novellas are listed below. If I’ve missed any out, let me know!


Marc Peirson went on to become a novelist, writing crime fiction under the name Mark Pearson.


  • The Pawn - Tales of Kerovnia - Georgina Sinclair
  • Jewels of Darkness - The Darkness Rises - Peter McBride
  • Knight Orc - The Sign of the Orc - Peter McBride
  • Silicon Dreams - Eden Song - Peter McBride
  • Starglider - James Follett
  • Starglider 2 - James Follett
  • Tracker - James Follett (16-bit versions)
  • Tracker - Centrepoint - Mike Anderiesz (C64 version)
  • Verminator - Readers of the Lost Bark - Richard Hewison
  • Weird Dreams - Rupert Goodwins

I can remember sitting in the TelecomSoft offices one afternoon, choosing the manual protection words for "Starglider 2" with the project manager, Gary Sheinwald. To make what was otherwise a dull chore a little more interesting, we tried pulling out words that would make an amusing story when strung together! (Yes - I know, we needed to get out more!).

Some of the Rainbird novellas are available for download.

Author James Follett has also kindly provided some anecdotes on how he got interested in computers and how he ended up writing novellas for Rainbird. He also has a web site at

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