Mr Freeze (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Mr Freeze (Firebird Silver £2.50)


The copy on the back of the Mr Freeze inlay says:

Mr Freeze is faced with a real challenge. Armed with a flame thrower, he has to determine a route through the fridge and de-ice each of its six compartments. This involves jumping over ice cubes and gaps betwee nthe shelves, and avoid flying food, lasers and guardian robots. You'll need all your cunning, timing and skill to prevent mr Freeze from being turned into ice. B-R-R-R!!!


Mr Freeze was released for the Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and Model B BBC Micro in the standard single cassette box.


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  1. Rich Stevenson

    The Firebird logo, which featured on the loading screen, was the same one which was used on Shorts Fuse, and was designed by Marco Duroe. Marco went on to design graphics for a number of Gremlin titles in the early 80s.


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