Mr Freeze (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Mr Freeze (Firebird Silver £2.50)


Mr Freeze is a platform game that involves all of the usual platform elements – flying foes, gaps and obstacles to jump over or avoid.

There is also the threat of being zapped by a laser and frozen (!) if you spend too long on the ladders between that connect the shelves on each screen.

De-icing a compartment (screen) involves reaching the top of the screen alive and touching the large button handily labelled 'DE ICE'!

The flame thrower shoots a bolt of fire that will vanquish any flying food, but it's of no use at all against the ice cubes or the lasers!


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  1. Rich Stevenson

    The Firebird logo, which featured on the loading screen, was the same one which was used on Shorts Fuse, and was designed by Marco Duroe. Marco went on to design graphics for a number of Gremlin titles in the early 80s.


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