Morpheus (Rainbird)

Morpheus (Rainbird)


The Intelligence has manifested fifty Aither (universes), by creating two equal and opposite areas of space. These areas (or phases) are joined only by the central neucleus, which maintains the Aither by ferrying a charge from the negative phase through to the positive side. This charge is then distributed around a number of orbitals which stabilise the Aither.

The Intelligence is growing stronger and is able to create a larger Aither each time. It is also learning to protect the Aither by creating roaming Morphai. There are many different types of Morphai, and they will quickly learn how to defend themselves.

If the Intelligence isn’t stopped, the Aithers may grow so large that they will expand infinitely…

The player's ultimate aim is to destroy the Morpheus itself, on the fiftieth (and final) Aither. The player has to fly their ship into either of the phases for the Aither and collapse as many of the charge orbitals as they can. The nucleus fights to maintain the Aither's balance during the attack.

The player gains points as they collaps the charge orbitals. These points are later converted to Guineas (money) which have to be spent on upgrading their ship's systems, weapons, etc.

As the game progresses, the Morphai becomes immune to older weapons, so new ones have to be developed. The ship's systems eventually struggle to cope with the attacks of the Morphai, and so new ships also have to be designed.

Timeslices are a measure of time spent in the Aither. One timeslice is equivalent to about two minutes of gameplay. New technological developments for the ship cease after timeslice fifty (100 minutes of gameplay) and none are available to buy after timeslice sixty. It's therefore imperative that the Intelligence is beaten before the player reaches that stage of the game!


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