Mickey the Bricky (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Mickey the Bricky (Firebird Silver £2.50)


As with many other early Firebird releases, Mickey the Bricky was a closely inspired clone of a popular coin-op game from the early 1980s. This time around it was Donkey Kong.

Mickey the Bricky was the second game in the TelecomSoft production list. It was released after the first small batch of games were published by TelecomSoft in the winter of 1984.

The game was written by David Tong, and was submitted to Firebird software in response to the Firefly advert that appeared in the computer magazines in the spring and summer of 1984.

Tiny game

Mickey the Bricky ran on an unexpanded Commodore Vic 20, which meant that it fitted into less than 3kb of memory!


1 thought on “Mickey the Bricky (Firebird Silver £2.50)

  1. Vince Bertonesi

    Mickey the Bricky was a fantastic game, I can still hear that distinctive Micky the Bricky tune in my head 30+ years later.
    I do remember marvelling at the time just how the programmer had managed to fit 5 whole screens into an unexpanded Vic20 – quite a feat, back in the day.
    I also still own a Vic 20 and a copy of this classic game- still works!


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