Menace (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Menace (Firebird Silver £2.50)


Menace is a simple arcade game based in a school classroom. The Teacher sits at the top of the screen, and the pupil’s desks are laid out below in a 3×2 arrangement, with one pupil to each desk. Class room sizes were obviously a lot smaller in the early 1980s!

As soon as the Teacher moves away from his chair and his back is turned on the class, the pupils start running around the desks in a frenzied clockwise motion. At the start of the game, the player sits at the middle desk on the back row.

Not only does the player have to avoid the other pupils, but they also have to collect items from the back of the classroom and deposit them. Catapults have to be placed on fellow pupil's desks (to get them intro trouble), whilst other items have to be deposited on the Teacher's chair before he returns to it.

Only one item is carried at a time. The player has to approach the very centre of the desk or chair. The item is then either dropped or collected as appropriate.

The class swot's apple can be sabotaged with a grub, and on later levels the school cat is added into the mix to make things even harder.


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