Magnetron (Firebird)

Magnetron (Firebird)


The back of the Magnetron box says:

KLP-2 is back! This smart little droid has teleported into one of the satellites in an attempt to shut down the reactors which power the massive destructor beam weapons of the planet Quartech and which are now trained on earth.

With his improved grappling system, KLP-2 must
battle with enemy droids
try to crack the logic sequence of hostile inhabitants
utilise spare parts to re-build clones of himself
improve his weaponry and systems
recharge his power cells

If any droid can do it, KLP-2 can!

Spectrum and CBM64 versions programmed by Steve Turner at Graftgold Ltd.
Spectrum and CBM64 music by Steve Turner
Spectrum graphics by Steve Turner
CBM64 graphics by Andrew Braybook and Steve Turner
Magnetron developed at Graftgold Ltd.
Magnetron published by Firebird Software, Telecomsoft.


Magnetron was released in a double-cassette sized A5 crystal case box or the standard 5.25 inch crystal case for the C64 disk version.

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