Magazine Articles

TelecomSoft was regularly featured in computer magazines throughout its short five year history. Thanks to the hard work of Mort and like-minded individuals, a large number of the old computer magazines have been scanned and are now available on-line or via mail order on CD and DVD-ROMS.

Home Computing Weekly

Home Computing Weekly was a weekly magazine that covered computing issues and new software releases.

The above article was an interview with James Leavey published in July 1985, shortly after he left TelecomSoft.

Popular Computing Weekly

Popular Computing Weekly was (as the title suggests) another weekly magazine that also covered computing issues and new software releases.

Popular Computing Weekly - Rainbird article - February '87
This one page article from February 1987 was part article and part review for a number of Rainbird adventure releases, including the Amstrad PCW conversion of The Pawn, the ST version of Silicon Dreams and the Amiga version of Knight Orc.

Amtix! Magazine

Amtix! was a UK 8-bit Amstrad CPC magazine published by Newsfield (who also published the immensely popular Crash! (for Spectrum) and Zzap! 64 (for Commodore 64).

In March 1987, the magazine published a four page article that profiled TelecomSoft and some of the people who worked there. Many thanks to Lee Theasby and Mort for providing the original images.

Ace Magazine

Ace magazine was a monthly multi-format title that covered 8-bit and 16-bit releases in the late 80's and early 90's.

In 1988, ACE Magazine published a one-page article which questioned whether having a large corporation like British Telecom in the games software publishing arena was good or bad for the market in general. ACE Magazine also published an article in 1989 reporting the sale of TelecomSoft to MicroProse.


This was probably Firebird's first ever competition, as it was just as the Firebird Silver £1.99 range hit the shops in the run up to Christmas 1984. The prize was a Sinclair Microdrive and ten Firebird budget games for the Spectrum!

A few months later, in March 1985 saw the next competition to win a copy of the third Firebird Gold release, Gyron.

Home Computing Weekly competition - Firebird Silver

Home Computing Weekly celebrated the success of Booty in the Summer of '85 and had a Firebird Silver competition to win a number of budget releases from the Silver £1.99 range.

Computer and Video Games Magazine launched a competition in August 1985 to win copies of the worst games sent in to Firebird, bundled together as Don't Buy This! for the 48k Spectrum. They also ran a competition to promote the launch of the Thunderbirds game on the Firebird Super Silver range.

To help promote the new Rainbird label, TelecomSoft teamed up with Newsfields Zzap!64 magazine for a Go Karting competition in early 1986. The summer of 1986 saw Crash Magazine run a Jewels of Darkness competition, to win H. Samuels Jewellery vouchers. The next competition was published in October 1986, to win a personalised copy of the new Firebird C64 game Druid, and the runners up prize was the black Firebird World Tour 1986 T-Shirt. Amazingly enough, the same prizes (except this time the prize included the Spectrum version of the game) were also up for grabs in a Crash Magazine competition the same month.

There was also a competition in the Daily Mirror national newspaper in the Summer of '86 to win a copy of The Jewels of Darkness.

Press cuttings

I can remember seeing Debbie Sillitoe's Press cuttings scrapbook at TelecomSoft. It was stuffed full of cuttings from magazines (both trade and public) and newspapers covering stories about TelecomSoft and the games we published. It would be a fantastic resource for this web site if it was still around today!

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