Lusitania was another of Odin’s unfinished titles for TelecomSoft. This Amstrad CPC game was coded by Robbie Tinman, with graphics by Paul Salmon and music by Keith Tinman.

Firebird produced a slideshow demo on cassette for Amstrad Action’s sixteenth issue in early 1987 which featured a screenshot and some marketing blurb about Odin’s Lusitania game.

Lucitania - Amstrad CPC

The blurb says …

There’s this wacking great ship lying in the deep dark and murky depths of the ocean floor, the watery grave of MILLIONS of DOLLARS of GOLD BULLION. And aren’t you the lucky one!! You’ve been volunteered to go and get it! All you have to do is dive down in your diving bell, collect all the gold and return to your ship. Of course, that’s assuming your air supply doesn’t run out or you don’t hit an unexploded mine and them nasty little sea monsters you’ve heard about, don’t get you first.

A piece of cake for your intrepid hero but what about you? Think you can handle it? Then good fishing! Available soon from Odin Computer Graphics £9.95 on cassette and £14.95 on disc.

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