Legend of the Sword (Rainbird)

Legend of the Sword (Rainbird)


Legend of the Sword is set in the fantasy land of Anar, a country under attack from an army of mutated humanoids lead by an evil wizard called Suzar.

The ruling monarch, King Darius, summoned a party of adventurers to seek out a sword and shield that had been part of Anar’s folklore for centuries. These weapons were supposed to have given Anar magical protection in the past. Without them, Anar was surely doomed to enslavement.

Legend of the Sword is a text entry adventure game with a graphical interface choc-a-bloc with location graphics, a self-generating map and an interface that meant the player has to do very little typing. Most of the actions can be entered just using a mouse.

All movements can be chosen from on-screen compass, up/down or in/out buttons. Time passing is indicated by a slowly burning candle. You can also select appropriate commands and actions from a menu along the top of the screen.

The parser can handle multiple commands and it also has more advanced options that let the player FIND items they hear about during the quest. You can also command other characters to go off and complete tasks for you.

Legend of the Sword was published by Rainbird for the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and IBM PC.


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