Kinetik (Firebird)

Kinetik (Firebird)


There is no copy on the back of the Kinetik inlay, and there are no screenshots on the outside of the inlay to show what the game looks like either.

However, all instructions and screenshots are displayed elsewhere on the inlay, just not on the outside!


Kinetik was released for the Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC in a red double cassette jewel case.

Not Hot!

Kinetik was originally intended as a Firebird Hot release, hence the predominantly red inlay.

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1 thought on “Kinetik (Firebird)

  1. Ashley Pomeroy

    I remember two things about this game. The first is the cover painting, which has a nice sense of scale. The second is the letters you were supposed to collect – PAX, which is latin for “peace”. I remember feeling really smug when I worked that out.


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